Woodruff Keys in India

WoodRuff Keys

Woodruff keys are semicircular, fitting partly into a circular segment keyway with the remainder fitting into a longitudinal slot keyway in the mating part. We are a leading Woodruff Keys Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in India. The circular segment can be cut directly by plunge cutting with a circular Woodruff cutter without any reliefs. The main advantage of the Woodruff key is the elimination of milling near shaft shoulders, where stress concentrations and concentricity would be affected.

The latter is particularly important for high-speed operation. We have gained a great amount of acceptance as a woodruff keys manufacturer, supplier & exporter in Mumbai, India. The more exact fit of the key and keyway also reduces play, and stress concentrations, and improves the reliability of the key. An additional advantage is a stuck key can be removed from a shaft with a hammer blow, the circular profile will push the key out of the slot, as opposed to a standard key which will need to be pushed axially, or pulled out of its slot. Common applications include machine tools, automotive applications, snowblowers and marine propellers.

Woodruff keys can be made with aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel materials that are acquired from the premier and authentic sellers of the market so that we can manufacture only the quality products for our clients. Our cost-efficient keys are much in demand in the market for their excellent features like resistance against rust & moisture, fine finish, tensile strength, easy to use and customization facilities. Finding for the best Woodruff Keys in India, woodruff keys manufacturer in India, woodruff keys supplier in India or woodruff keys exporter in India, Restrict yourself from going anywhere, Automatic Industries will provide you best thing in regards to Woodruff Keys.

Woodruff Keys in Mumbai
Woodruff Keys Manufacturer in India
Woodruff Keys Manufacturer in Mumbai
Woodruff Keys Supplier in India

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